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Independence Days

As noted, I have been taking Chris Stafford’s course on gluten-free sourdoughs – and it’s going well. I haven’t posted much, but have been busy working on securing my family’s food supply.

In the book Independence Days, Sharon Astyk mentions the importance to be doing something to further your family’s food independence every day – each day put up some fruits or pickle something. She also talks about the importance of rescuing the term ‘chatelaine’ or, in my case châtelain. Historically used to refer to the woman who looked after the household, she rescues it and talks about its importance in terms of there being a role in each house (shared, changing, whatever) which is to keep tabs on the food and one’s independence from constant supply.

How many apples do we have? Are they good? Do the bad ones need making into purée or can they be salvaged and eaten today? What’s in season? What’s coming out of season?

So it is that I suddenly saw kimchi, last week, as a seasonal food. So it is that I just made a batch of green tomato jam. And so it is that my end goal with fermented gluten-free bread is to bring local production front and centre.