A recently diagnosed Type 1 diabetic (precise details pending genetic markers), 5 years after an initial diabetic crisis, I am used to managing what I eat. It occurred to me that wheat could exacerbate any condition the body suffers from. Initial trials over the past 6 weeks have suggested that eating wheat after a time wheat-free generates (at least) diarrhea.

However, my partner does like bread. And with my diagnosis and insulin-managed diabetes, I can too (after 5 years basically bread-free). So then … what to eat?

I made a couple of GF breads based on internet recipes. I started with corn bread, because maize grows very well where I live and I’d like to evolve towards all-local ingredients where possible. Most paleo or coco flour recipes called for a lot of egg. Beating the whites stiff helped, but still a lot of baking powder was called for. I then decided to try fermenting – making a gluten-free sourdough, or a fermented cornbread. With just polenta and fine cornmeal plus buckwheat – and nothing else – I made a serviceable loaf. I can easily now make muffins which pass as commercially made muffins. But not bread.

There’s not a lot of information on the internet about fermenting gf breads. There is some, and some great ideas. This blog, then, will try to document my own experiments with the aim of making a good, bready loaf.

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